Offspring Report

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This report is typically completed within one week.

Product Overview

An Offspring Report lists all the litters sired or whelped by a given dog. It includes the following:
- The total number of pups produced and the total number of titles earned by those pups.
- For each litter: birthdate, sire name, dam name, and the name of the person who registered the litter.
- For each permanently registered pup: name, sex, titles, current registered owner name, city, and state.

The report does not include UKC registration numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers.

An Offspring Report cannot be produced for any dog born prior to June 1, 1979.

An Offspring Report cannot be produced for a Field Dog Stud Book registration number from any year.

For a report that lists young dogs descended from this dog, but doesn’t include litter details, we offer a Modern Descendants Report.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review