First/Youngest Verification

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This Verification is typically completed within two weeks.

Product Overview

Indicates whether or not a dog is the first or youngest to earn one specific UKC title or to complete a specific combination of UKC titles. If the dog is not, a ranking will be indicated. Results can be sent as a plain-text email ($5 less) or as a mailed certificate.


A First/Youngest Verification cannot be produced for a Field Dog Stud Book registration number.

Only computerized records for UKC-licensed events can be searched. This means the following might not be available for comparison:
- Titles earned more recently than 4 weeks ago.
- Dogs born prior to June 1, 1979.
- Dates for titles earned prior to 1990.
- Dates for world titles, such as WLDNITECH, or national titles, such as NGRCH.
- Dates for titles grandfathered in from other organizations, such as Nosework titles earned before January 1, 2015.
- Ages of dogs whose UKC number begins with PL or LP.

Search Options

To search for an award (such as Best in Show) instead of a title, put it in the “Titles” box.

“Color” refers to the exact phrase printed on the dog’s registration certificate. “State” refers to the address printed on the dog's current registration certificate, regardless of its address when the title was earned.

Choosing "And" narrows the search; choosing "Or" broadens the search. For example, if your dog is a male Labrador Retriever,
- Selecting the "breed and sex" option is the equivalent of asking whether your dog is the first male Labrador Retriever to earn the title.
- Selecting the "breed or sex" option is the equivalent of asking whether your dog is either the first Labrador Retriever of either sex to earn the title or the first male of any breed to earn the title.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review