Display Pedigrees

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Product Overview

Make your pedigree as unique as your dog. Highly customizable!

UKC Display pedigrees are a great way to have an additional pedigree for your current dog, or a kennel favorite from years ago. Want to show pup buyers multiple generations of your main stud? Keep your official pedigree & certificate clean and safe while having a Display Pedigree available for viewing in your home or kennel building.

Choose the number of generations you want to display and add Metallic to enhance the look!

  • Performance Pedigrees® include 3, 4, or 5 generations of ancestry; pups produced; color; and titles earned for that offspring.
  • Also available: 6-Generation Pedigree, and 7-Generation Pedigrees.
    Note: American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) six and seven-generation orders will be automatically completed on special APBT papers.
  • Owners ordering Display Pedigrees for any breed of ‘PR’ dog will receive a specialized ‘PR’ pedigree version automatically, at no additional cost, for whichever pedigree(s) they select!
    ‘PR’ stands for Purple Ribbon, a mark of distinction meaning the dog has at least three generations of UKC ancestors.

You have the best looking dog out there – get the Display Pedigree to match!

To receive a Display Pedgiree, your dog must already be registered with UKC.
Display Pedigrees are additional copies for research or display only, similar to a research pedigree. Though accurate, they are not considered official UKC paperwork used to Transfer ownership.

*This product is NOT available for dogs registered solely through the Field Dog Stud Book. Dogs must have a valid UKC number.*


(No reviews yet) Write a Review